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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Jesuis Laplume

The human species is evolving from the thinking but fearful Homo sapiens, into the loving Homo spiritus. The author will be introducing readers to the findings in both Science and the spirituality component of Philosophy that allow us to understand our true place in the universe – and what we should be doing to join the ranks of those evolving humans. We live in wonder-filled times! Don’t be left behind!

We are spiritual beings having a human experience that will help us grow in spiritual power. We have been taught to be fearful, but the set of thoughts and emotions called Fear precludes real Love, and the set of thoughts and emotions called Love and Above is the personal Destiny that we are meant to pursue.

The abilities to love truly, then unconditionally, then finally as The Creator loves us, are why we are here. Believe that for it is not only true, but even True in an absolute sense!

Although there are those who are ignorant of what and who we really are, and may say things like “Science proves there is no God!” they are both poorly trained and ignorant of the Truth. Some others believe that there is no Truth; but only consensus on what seems to be true.

See the Contact Information Page and add what you feel comfortable to that page so that I can understand who is visiting and what they have to say. I am a student trying to pass on some of the things that I have learned after decades of study and a few big breaks, courtesy of The Divine Creator (whom I call God; in spite misuse of that name by others).











The magazine cover illustrated above is from a Canadian industry publication, dated October 1991. The Author has not visually changed all that much from way back then – but internally the changes have been huge! LoL


I am here to help you ask better questions about your journey through life by presenting a better picture of reality.


I also have titles of some Proposed Books; for your comment. Please send those comments to me by email at info@jesuislaplume.com or jesuislaplume@gmail.com
This will help me decide what I should write next.


Please click on the Titles under the Book Front Pages (not the Covers themselves) to go to the Book Product pages for an extended description of the contents of books as well as direct links to Amazon.

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Most of those with power (and many of those with a great deal of money and possessions) live in Fear of losing them all if they cannot control the rest of us using their chosen Fear-based protocols. As a result, they control most of society (including many parts of our Religions). Society has then taught us to barely survive in the many states of Fear. Because our Destiny is to live abundantly in the states of Love and Above, however, we must find a way to move out of those many states of Fear and into the beginnings stages of Love. This will not be easy, but the rewards are Great indeed!





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