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Jim White
The Author

The author is a retired scientist who was trained in the engineering faculty of the University of Toronto and graduated with a B.A.Sc. degree in 1960 in Engineering Physics, Aeronautical Option. He worked at moving new Science into practice for more than four decades. He had five cardiac incidents and two out-of-body experiences after taking early retirement and now writes on Science and the spirituality part of Philosophy as Jesuis Laplume, a contraction of the French words (je suis la plume) for “I am the pen.” He had found, in 1984, that when he asked the universe (God, the Divine, Allah, etc.) for help in understanding, he was told to sit down and write until he could write no more – no editing allowed. He found out later that what he wrote was more than he had read, heard or thought about – he was often just the scribe or pen, not the ultimate or only author. Since then he has confirmed that this often happens to authors when they are ‘in the flow.’ It also happens to sculptors, song writers, other creative people and athletes as well.

He cautions any and all readers (not just about his own writing):

It is not only your right, but your responsibility, to accept from what is offered to you only those things that will make you a better you. What those are should be between you and your Creator; no one else.

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None of us are here by accident, but are born to fulfill a purpose that the universe has so that it can become even more amazing that it already is. The universe will not be as Great as it could be unless you conspire to be as Great as you could become. This reality of our universe is not well taught, but is a Great Truth.

I believe that my present purpose is to tell others who would fulfill their potential about what I have learned from some tremendous persons who came before me, but also but what I have learned by asking the universe to guide me in my writing. I have come to realize, as so many who would be great at their particular art or skill, that I can become a co-author with the universe. I will only have to subvert my will to what I perceive as the Divinity, or Source, (or you choose a name) of this stupendous universe that we live in.

Many believe that when they are ‘in the flow’ they are not working alone, but with The Source of all that is. Scary, and wild and wonderful!

Try it – you will Love it!


People Who Have Influenced Me

I have read a large number of books, watched a great many videos, etc., and our local Forum on Faith and Science has studied many such items, including a few special research papers and posts. From all of them, I greatly treasure those from:

Dr. David R. Hawkins, (www.veritaspub.com ) psychiatrist and developer of a kinesiology technique to determine what the universe indicates to be Absolute Truth, as well as his own Scale of Consciousness based on that methodology.

Eckhart Tolle, (www.eckharttolle.com ) spiritual teacher extraordinaire in my opinion, whose books and YouTube videos tell us so much about how to live a spiritual life.

Gary Zukav, (http://seatofthesoul.com ) spiritual teacher and a great example of one who lives his teaching.

Deepak Chopra, (www.deepakchopra.com ) prolific writer on spirituality as our primary reality and provider of practical tools to help us live a life that is in sync with our true nature and deepest needs.

Wayne Dyer, (www.drwaynedyer.com ) one who had presented so much in both writing and on video about how to live a more spiritual life; something that he both learned about and lived.

Ervin Laszlo, (www.ervinlazlo.com ) who has been working so hard at developing and communicating a supportable overview of the universal reality that supports our spiritual life.

Lothar Schafer, (www.lotharschafer.com ) who wrote “Infinite Potential” a simple, readable, but concept-shattering book on Quantum Physics and how that Science shows us how we should live our lives.

MarBeth Dunn, (www.marbethdunn.com ) who helps me understand the way of living a miraculous life.

Harrison Klein, (www.harrisonkleininternational.com ) who also helps me understand the need for a simple, lighthearted approach to living in perpetual thankfulness for all that life has to offer.

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