I wrote this book because I usually felt that I was all alone, even in the midst of a crowd. I suspect that some others feel the same way and may get some consolation from what I have discovered as I wrote, ‘in the flow’ as a co-author of this universe. Many artisans co-create with the universe. Writing ‘in the flow’ is scary, humbling and rewarding. In the end it is also addictive!

We are trained by society to think that we are alone and separated from others as well as the universe – so that we can be controlled, but also so we can be sold things that we must buy to make us part of the crowd and also happy that we have something new. All of this is false, at a very basic level! This is a magical, magnificent and evolving universe and we are an important part of it. We were made in the image of God – we are spiritual beings having a human experience and play a significant role in how the universe evolves. Once we understand that, we will not be controllable. We will certainly ‘know’ that we can never be alone!

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