Bureaucrats Who Block Progress: How To Deal With Them

I suffered under a few Blocking Bureaucrats for over a decade, and saw compatriots in other organizations almost completely destroyed by such as these. Those who block progress to play it safe dramatically increase the time and money needed to get the job done. I saw how hard they were on those who just wanted to do a great job. In time I came to understand just how costly that such persons were. They can double, even triple costs, in both money and time wasted. They also inflict despair upon those under them.

If you work in any organization that makes it difficult to get things done well, on time and within budget, you should read this book and bring it to the attention of senior management who could make your organization both more effective and much more efficient, while also making the work that needs to get done more rewarding for all involved.

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“Bureaucrats Who Block Progress: How To Deal With Them”

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