Changing The Universe: By Changing Yourself

In reality, this universe of ours seems to have been finely-tuned to allow the evolution of such as us humans. You and I now live in chaotic times, but are starting to understand that we are anything but random accidents of a purposeless universe. Rather you are an eternal, powerful, spiritual being having human experiences and are Destined to become even more powerful indeed – by becoming Love Incarnate. This understanding can only be developed by those who are willing to combine both Science and Philosophy. Using only one of these two very different tools will not lead you anywhere useful.

You and I, as humans all want the universe to change to suit our needs, our wants and even our whims; we can’t do that directly. What is amazing, however, is that you can significantly change both the Energy and matter components of the universe, as well as the founding fields of Pure Information that preceded the development of Energy and then matter. You are very powerful, indeed, but have to work within your constraints. Once you understand them, however, you are only lightly constrained!

As you start to drop the ‘chains’ imposed upon Science by centuries-old Dogmatic pronouncements about what can be studied, the young (and young-at-heart) ones are performing some amazing work in developing a working understanding about this universe of yours and your place in it. All of us have been partly duped into thinking that the universe is simple enough for us to fully understand how it works. You and I have also been duped into thinking that we are weak and unimportant. All of that teaching is false!


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“Changing The Universe: By Changing Yourself”

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