Does Science Present The Truth?

A number of scientists who do not know what they are talking about are still telling you the supposed facts that a) Science proves that there is no God and b) that there is no thought or emotion outside the brain. These are nonsensical and a blatant misuse of Traditional Science. This book discusses the basis of our traditional version of Science and the assumptions upon which it is based. It explains the fields in which that sort of Science can still provide useful results. It also identified many areas at the leading edges of many fields of Science where the assumptions are violated and new Science has had to adapt, on an incident by incident basis. In addition it also helps indicate the new assumptions needed to explain the results observed by many researchers in a large number of fields where we humans have dramatically expanded the scope of what we are investigating. All tools have limits – even Logic!

For decades I worked at the physical system Science level, in eight different industries, helping others see the bigger picture and find better questions. I also found many limitations on how much we really know (as opposed to just believe), as well as how arrogant some can be who are not yet wise enough to understand the limits of what they use as tools. Understanding the limits of what you truly know is vital for us all in the days ahead. This book can start you along the path to doing just that.

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