Four Brains, Four Egos And Many Minds

We humans are complex people who are Destined to be great and powerful, especially when we work together for the common good. Because you and I don’t yet understand how we are made, however, although that is a wonderful reality, we have been turned away from our Destiny to become truly loving beings – at least until recently. Many humans are finding ways to bring all of our component parts together into one functional being that has started living in the set of thoughts and emotions called Love. To do that they have to transcend (go beyond but not destroy) their egos. That is just difficult, not impossible. You can learn how to access your subconscious brains and to remove much of the nonsense that you have acquired, much of it having been plastered upon to you. You can then grow dramatically!

I was asked by my eldest son to write something that would explain our several brains and minds, to help him when he was trying to guide others to ‘stay on the wagon.’ We are quite complex and much of that is in our fast and powerful subconscious minds. Few of us can access or manage these subconscious brans and minds – so they end up managing us. Normal Logic is not a great tool here, but more information can help a lot.


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