Hate The Sin: But Not The Sinner

You are Destined to fully live in Love, but a majority of society teaches you to just barely survive in Fear instead. You are taught this so that most of those with power, and some with great gobs of money and possessions, can feel safe (they only ‘feel’ safe; but only those fully-living in Love are actually safe). When people who are virtually without hope do terrible things, by default you are supposed to react to them with hate. That is a terrible mistake and makes matters much worse. The correct response is for you to send them Love. Love is very powerful and can make everything better.

When you send hate, or any Fear-based response, you make those who are just barely surviving in Fear stronger in their ability to do terrible things. Simultaneously you make yourself weaker. This is hardly the smartest thing to do. Although you can hate the sin, you should still Love the sinner.

When you send Love out to such as these who do terrible things in their hopelessness, it reduces their despair and ability to do more terrible things, but makes you more powerful in Love. In this essentially non-linear universe, what you send out comes back to you many-fold. When you send out hate, you get way more hate coming back to you. Sending out hate results in you becoming much worse off.

When your action is fully Love-focused and you send out Love, you get several times as much Love coming back to you (usually in complex and unknowable paths and ways), so you gain in Love by sending out Love. What a weird and wonderful universe.

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“Hate The Sin: But Not The Sinner”

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