How Love Can Vanquish War

I wrote this book for Justin Trudeau, when he became the Canadian Prime Minister. It has been ‘lost’ and apparently he has never seen it (or even heard about it). He could still use it, but I am not holding my breath.

Humans have many historical reasons to resort to war, but that was never our Destiny. You and I are Destined to grow in our ability to Love, then on into Unconditional Love, and finally much beyond that. Humans are presently evolving into a new species who live in the several stages of Love, not the many historical stages of Fear. For a short time, however, the two may compete for dominance and you and I may be into tumultuous times.

Understanding why we resort to war will be useful for all of us in the years to come.

Our genes make us susceptible to an ‘us versus them’ mentality that has been used, and also misused, over the ages to provide supposed safety for our local, tribal and national groups, often with disastrous results. Our most primitive, reptilian brain acts as though life is a “kill or be killed” affair, while our early mammalian brain is all about small groups being “All for one and one for all!” This is both a step up and a useful response under some present conditions. Our later mammalian brain goes back to a tribal, or national, version of “us versus them” attitude, with them being nasty, bad and worthy of decimation. Our last, Logical brain ignores our spiritual nature and has also been used to justify atrocities according to local, and supposedly Logical relative value systems – but not Love-focused ones.

A combined, super- brain can lead you out of this terrible swamp of fearful thinking. Go for it!

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