Learning To Be Great – An Introduction

I was lucky enough to meet many of the truly great researchers in several different field of Science and Mathematics and soon learned the lesson that they were a gentle, humble and laughter-prone group. They usually worked in league with the universe, not in competition with it. In their own way all were spiritual (although maybe not Religious), but never pedantic or dogmatic about it.

We live in a universe that is seeing mankind evolve from the Fear-driven Homo sapiens into the Love-focused Homo spiritus. Marvelous changes are rippling through society and will affect us all greatly. Our Destiny is that we become as Great as we can be in those areas where we can contribute to the betterment of mankind. We can also impact the universe and this beautiful blue planet that gives us life. Unfortunately most of those who are in positions of power, and some of those with riches, live in Fear and do not trust the Great ones, so there are many roadblocks in place to hold you back. To become Great, however, we will have to become totally involved; even that spiritual part of us that is our true but invisible self. Until we do that, we can become ‘Very Good,’ but not ‘Great.’

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