Living In Fear: An Ongoing Choice

I lived in depression for a vast majority of my life; using focus and hard word to distract me from my always-fearful thought patterns. A few years ago, while doing an edit of this book, I decided to step out of simple survival in Fear and start to more-fully live in Love instead. The world now looks very different to me; as it also could to you.

We have been trained by virtually all of society to survive in the many states of Fear, so that we can be controlled by those of the rich and powerful who are quite fearful. Those who are living in Fear attempt to control all situations and people so that they can build a semblance of safety – actually very much a false sense indeed. Almost all humans now live in those many states of Fear and don‘t even understand what Love means; nor why it is so desirable. They think that they Love – but don’t!

We are spiritual beings having a journey as humans, since that journey provides us with so many opportunities to grow in spiritual power towards our Divine Creator God. Since God is actually Love (or more accurately described as the flowing process of Love), our learning to live in Love, not just survive in Fear, is an essential change for those of us who continue in our present failed condition.

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