Loving Yourself First:

You are made in the image of Divinity and are a spiritual being having human experiences; so that you can grow in your ability to fulfill your Destiny to become Love Incarnate. You will have to learn many aspects about Love and develop that love for yourself and then others. The process will be both complex and finally help you live in Love, Joy and Peace, even before you enter the process of becoming fully Enlightened. For almost all of this growth, the process will look like an ever-opening spiral of self-focused Love and then Love of others. Finally we will learn to love everyone and everything, just as ‘they are’ and ‘it exists.’ We will then be the incarnation of Love.

We are usually cautioned against loving ourselves as it is assumed that we would love our egos (which are only unreal constructs of our subconscious minds) instead of our real and imperfect selves. I bought into that taught viewpoint until I spent many years studying the Science and Philosophy of our place in this universe. I then recognized how little that society understands about either Love or loving. I also realized that a vast majority of the mis-information was presented to you and me on purpose – so that others could find it much easier to control us. From what I know about them, I certainly do not want them controlling either you or me.

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