On Life And Love And Why We Are Here

This was the first book that I wrote as I struggled with ‘Why I was here’ and ‘Who I really was.’ After five heart attacks and a second out-of-body experience, I was not at all sure that what I had been told was even close to true. I sat down to write, as directed, and followed the ‘sayings’ that came to me with a one page discussion of what I thought that they meant. You can understand them differently and that is OK. We aren’t intended to be clones!

“On Life and Love and Why We Are Here” is intended to be an introduction to the combination of a) the concepts developed at the leading edge of many sciences and b) the new spirituality attempts to redefine what the Why questions of Religions were, before the bureaucracies of Religion debased them for the secular power of their corporate organization. The book is intended to be of help to others who are starting a search to find answers to the ‘Who am I’ and ‘Why am I here’ questions. Humanity is evolving from a Fear-based Homo sapiens, the thinking humankind, to a Love-based Homo spiritus, the loving humankind. We will need our personal answers to those two questions.

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