Science And Spirituality: No Conflict At All

You have been taught, by most of society, that Science has proven that there can be no God. That is nonsense – it is just a belief, even an unsupportable Dogma of Traditional Science. It is impossible to use Traditional Science to discuss the presence of a God. That sort of thing was ‘assumed out’ when Traditional Science was born almost four centuries ago; for good reason. There was way too much to do in the study of just mass and energy – besides no one knew how to measure a thought, an emotion, a belief, etc., way back then. We don’t even know how to do that now! LoL

If you are going to do something well, you must first establish a sound foundation. Listing all of your explicit (openly stated) assumptions, then finding out your implicit (implied, but not yet openly stated) assumptions is a very critical task. Study of the history of Science shows that this has not yet been well. Some really important work is needed here. So far much of Science has been built upon shifting sand. This book presents why you and I should want this task to be done soon; and done well indeed!

This mini-book is an introduction to the joint study of both sides of the one coin of all knowledge; Science and Philosophy. My training and expertise is in looking at bigger pictures and helping to define better questions that more-likely result in our getting more-useful answers.


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