Successful Change: In A Universe That Is Change

Because I worked as a physical system scientist, but also because of my personal live problems, my life has always been in the process of rapid change. I wrote this book to help me understand both the processes of change and why it discouraged me so strongly. I believe that what I found will help many readers.

We live in a universe that can be best described as change personified.

Nothing stands still. Everything changes!

Unfortunately most humans resist change for two main reasons: First our genes are still set up to reflect a much more primitive reality, where a tiger could really be looking at us as a possible lunch. Going outside of our present environments could be fatal! Although most societies don’t allow such serious threats anymore, genes change slowly unless we effectively look into our subconscious minds and change our default settings. Secondly we are taught to try to live in an unchanging state; by almost all of society; and therefore to live in Fear so that others can control us. Most of society is set up to have us just barely survive in the many states of Fear. Change is scary if you are still just surviving in the Fear mode. To others, our changing into Love-focused humans is a very scary proposition for them, indeed (such Love-based ones cannot be controlled) and their development is to be vigorously resisted. Change anyway!

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