The Affirmation Prayer (Science and Spirituality)

This book was written by one who chooses to follow an early Christian system of living, but is usable by all who would learn to live in Love. It is our Destiny to be loving creatures, not fearful ones!

The Affirmation Prayer presents a list of all of the things that you are not, in spite of the misinformation fed to you by schools, governments, Religions and society. You are not your job, your mind, your emotions, your body, your reputation or your money and power. This book and prayer tell you What and Who you really are, as well as your primary purpose in this life of yours. The good (but also frightening) news is that you are an eternal, powerful spiritual being who is a small packet of God. Compared to God you have a few limitations – God has none! You will live forever, although this body of yours, your temporary temple, will not.

You can significantly change the universe when you develop enough spiritual power. You already change it in small amounts when you focus your thoughts on positive or negative emotions. If you think positive thoughts with emotion, positive things come to you. If you dwell upon negative thoughts, negative things happen to you. This is not a random universe; you matter, not just to yourself but to all of us. Your Destiny is to live in powerful, deeply-loving ways! Go for it!

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