The Species Who Tells Stories

Human beings are natural story tellers and have a unique ability to understand deeper truths, just by listening to stories. This is a magnificent skill indeed! You and I can learn even more by telling those stories and teaching what they know to others who are interested in the topic. We humans have also learned how to tell other, different kinds of stories, using special languages, such as in Science and Mathematics. Even scientific formulas are actually stories that are written in a specific language that is internationally recognized.

With a species that is rapidly evolving from a thinking but Fear-based Homo sapiens, into a Love-focused Homo spiritus, there is a desperate need for many more story tellers, so that all humans can be told the Good News of both Who we really are and Why we each matter so much. You and I should all be learning to be much better story tellers. Find out why in this fun book (my favorite!).

I was by nature Science-oriented and then trained to be a scientist (but in an engineering faculty so that I could better help move new Science into practice). I was told that Science was about truths, but that was just a false story told by those who did not know better. The same is true in the many of the subfields of Philosophy, even though this latter field was developed to point towards Truth as best we can.

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