The World Is Not How We ‘See’ It


When Einstein said that “The universe is not only weirder than we imagine, but weirder than we can imagine.” he vastly underestimated its weirdness. Your senses are optimized, in conjunction with your brain, your awareness and your consciousness, to have you survive as Fear-driven member of Homo sapiens. Those limited senses have, however, allowed you to get to the point where you are ready to evolve into Homo spiritus, a member of a Love-driven species.

If you are to efficiently evolve into that new species, before all of us destroy the ability of this beautiful blue planet to support us, all of us are going to have to better understand the difference between what we think that we sense and the reality of this universe and planet. You and I are also going to have to quickly understand the distortions in what we have been told about both Who we really are and Why we are here. This book can help you take some early steps in knowledge.

As I learned ever more about both how we perceive the world around us, and how that world/universe is actually constructed, I realized that we don’t ever ‘see’ reality, but that our brains construct as a picture of what is all around us and that picture is useful. It is useful; but it is constructed and not a veritable truth. Because of an essential connection to the universe, your brains can help you ‘see,’ but you don’t ever sense reality as it really is. You only ‘see’ what your brains tell you – weird, huh?

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