Unconditional Love:

Although you are Destined to become Love Incarnate, society has told you very little about Love that is accurate enough to guide you through life. I did not figure this out until very late in life and only after much study and learning how to write ‘in the flow’ – so I was acting as a co-creator with the universe. As the Internet evolved, I found out that this happens to many writers who produce outstanding fiction and non-fiction.

English is proving to be rather poorly constructed to really talk simply about what it means to Love someone, even Divinity as the essence who created all that is. Both the Greek and Aramaic languages are more useful and, as usual, German is helpful in any area of Philosophy. To understand both this universe and our place in it, we have to use both Science and Philosophy and a huge amount of skepticism about what we have been taught. Very little can be taken at face value.

You are born to grow towards your Destiny of living in Love and then growing even beyond that state. In this wonderful, exceedingly complex and non-linear universe, just about everything is stacked in your favor, as long as you are prepared to dismiss almost everything that society has taught you. Because of the number of those who have gone before you, your job of growing is becoming ever easier – but will still require both effort and tenacity on your part. That said, you do have a Destiny and it is glorious!


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“Unconditional Love:”

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