Who You Really Are: And Why You Are Here

I wrote this mini-book as an introduction to the difference between Who we really and What we have been told – almost all of which is downright wrong! I wrote it as an introduction to my sorts of stories, so that some readers might develop an ongoing fascination about Why are here as humans.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. This journey will bring you many opportunities to learn lessons that must be learned for you to find your path towards The Way that leads you to your Destiny. It then your job to travel along that long and narrow path of yours. Most of the experiences will look like either ‘work’ or ‘problems,’ but you can choose to change your perspective and see them all as important opportunities in your growth towards your Divine Creator.

You were always Destined to be a Light in this world. Others may then see it as a Light that is worth following. First you are going to have to follow in the steps of those who have gone before. It is important that you start off by developing a spirit of gratitude for all of those who have gone before you. It is a recently-discovered characteristic of this universe that, once one member of a group has learned a skill, all others of that group will find it easier to follow along. Your tasks towards and along The Way will be easier than they were for those who preceded you. With the communication that is now so easy on the Internet, you can find almost anything that you set your Intention to find. Setting an Intention to find out Who you really are, and Why you are here, is vital to you and your moving along on in your Destined journey.

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