You Are A Powerful Eternal Spiritual Being

Because most of those with power, and many with money, live in Fear of losing it all, the society that they control has taught you many errors about both who you are and why you are here having human journeys. You are not a random accident of mindless fate, but rather a special spiritual being that this wonderful universe has created so as to produce you. You are intended and are Destined to become an amazing being that is Love Incarnate (and example of living Love!) [or Love Personified if you prefer].

Most of what you have been taught is in error, but you can choose to quit ‘just barely surviving in the many miserable states of Fear’ and start to ‘truly live in Love.’ It is a choice that you can make at any time of your life. Even a deathbed change of choices is not too late, so forget any silly and erroneous belief that it is already too late for you to change. This is a very weird universe and every one of your Love-based thoughts and actions is more than enough to overcome millions of Fear-based thoughts and actions.

Although our Traditional Press is paid to keep this from you, there are already hundreds of millions of humans now trying to live lives based upon Love, as well as tens of millions of humans now living are living in states of Unconditional Love, or even well beyond that state. There are many examples all around you, if you look for them with fresh eyes. There are also many teachers who can help you. As a student helping other students, I can assist in getting you started on your way.

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“You Are A Powerful Eternal Spiritual Being”

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