You Are In God (Science and Spirituality)

When I started my journey into understanding more about Why I was here having a human journey, I had a huge array of ‘Why’ questions and one was Why I was being told that I was an accidental outcome of a purposeless universe. I write, often as a co-author with the universe, so I just sat down to see what would show up on screen and paper. This book helped me understand the extent of the errors that I was taught about my connection to Divinity; also called God. May it help you too!

We are not told the Truth of the reality of Who we are and What this universe of ours, including our beautiful blue planet, offers us. The universe is in God, because before that act of creation there was nothing here (since the tell-tale echoes of energy waves bouncing off what previously could have existed do not seem to exist). Not only that, but the scientists and theologians working at the leading edge of both Science and the spirituality part of Philosophy tell us that God is in this universe at the level of the sub-atomic particles / waveforms and on up, all the way to the ends of the universe. As well, God is forever involved in the ongoing creation processes of this universe, because change is the real essence of what is going on.

This story is told from the overview perspective; the book “Alone” presents it from a more personal viewpoint.

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