You Were Destined To Be Great

Although you may not get this message from many quarters, it is your Destiny to become Great in some aspects of your life; if not to become Great as a person who has completed their human journey along The Way towards their Divine Maker. By becoming Great, you change the universe in two ways; one involving fields of energy and another in the form of fields of ‘Pure Information’ (something that does not involve energy directly). The energy fields are temporary and drop off rapidly with distance, but the fields of Pure Information are unchanged, eternal, everywhere in the universe and instantaneously available to everyone. It is this Pure Information field that makes you so very important to the universe.

If you do not become as Great as you could be, the universe will not be as Great as it could be.

I achieved some significant respect in a few fields of endeavor, and met several Great ones in different fields. They were wonderful people, very human and leaders in many ways. They were also very good teachers. This mini-book attempts to start a discussion about your becoming a Great you. It is part of a series of books about Greatness.

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