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The author, who writes as a student who is trying to help other students, does not profess to be a great teacher, but has published books through Create Space and Kindle, both parts of Amazon.com (and other country’s versions of those companies). Once you are on their sites, you can also search the category Books for “Jesuis Laplume” and you can find out a lot about both me and my books. On this website you can buy them most easily by going to the website page called Shop.




My first book, “On Life And Love And Why We Are Here” is a set of 61 sayings that kept coming to me as I was falling asleep, or waking up. These sorts of understandings usually come from the universe, not the ego, so I trust them more than my own comments. I have, however, found similar ideas on many other teacher’s sites. I then added one page of my own comments for each saying. Opening the book at random often produces rather interesting results.

You will find that this book is a great way to introduce yourself to many concepts that have prevented you from becoming as loving as you would like to become. Your Destiny is to become Love Incarnate (a person living their life like a prayer) but you have been led astray by most of society. When you change the way you look at things, what you look at changes. Where you used to see the problems, now you can see the opportunities.

This book is not available as a Kindle book because of formatting issues.

You can find the paperback version on Amazon by clicking the icon:




My second book was The Affirmation Prayer and it addresses the difference between what we have been taught about who we are – and who we really are. We are, in truth, spiritual beings having a human experience so that we can grow in Love towards our Divine Creator. Some readers have found this book transformative since it explains so much about the differences between what we have been told about who we are versus what we are Destined to become.

Everyone who reads this book will be energized to find and follow The Way that Jesus presented to all of us, no matter what our prior Religion or belief system. We can follow His commandment to “Love one another as I have loved you.” And the world will be a better place for our even trying to do so.

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My third book, Alone: discusses how we are taught to feel alone and lonely; so that others can control us and therefore make us compliant workers and obsessive consumers. We can never be alone because we are all part of the One, but how could someone else control us if we finally realize Who we really are and What our real purpose was, is and always will be?

You can lose your feelings of loneliness by reading and contemplating upon the errors taught to you by those who would control you and your actions. The next book provides a different viewpoint on the same subject. The pair are important tools for you to use in removing the errors taught to you by those who have no right to keep you feeling separated and Alone!

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The fourth book, You Are In God: God Is In You presents a top-down version of the same message found in Alone. It is impossible for us to be on our own, but we have been drastically misled about all that is True – so that others can control us for their own ends, not for our benefit. It is not Right for us to let them establish control over us!

You are a part of creation and can never be separate from it – the universe is simply not set up that way. Once you realize the depth of your connection, in a universe that was set up for you to be One with The One of all creation, you will almost surely start a journey to adopt a whole new understanding of both this universe and your place in it!

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My fifth book is a Science one, Does Science Present The Truth? written because many poorly-trained scientists are telling us about their false beliefs in this area – beliefs; not knowledge and Truth – and there is Truth in this universe. The pure information processes such as thought, feelings, prayer and remote viewing, etc., were all ‘assumed out’ during the initiation of Traditional Science – since they did not know how to address or measure them. We cannot use this purposefully-limited Science to then comment upon God; or any of the above processes. Our education in this area is truly appalling.

As a scientist, I deeply love and admire Science – but I do understand that it has limits, as all things do! When we assign a proper understanding of Traditional Science, we can then supplement it with the appropriate processes from Philosophy and so develop a love for all that is!

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A related, sixth book, The World Is Not How We ‘See’ It presents a story about how our five senses do not present the real, and tangible world to us at all, but only what we presently need to perceive as animal beings who are of the Homo sapiens persuasion. Reality is so much different from how we ‘see’ it that it is an understatement to call it incredible.

As you come to grips with the differences between what your brain tell you about what the universe is like, and how it really is, you will be much able to properly assign importance to what you must learn so that you can grow towards your Destiny of becoming a Love-based human.

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The next (seventh) book published so far is part of a new series entitled Becoming Great and is the introductory one in the series, with a title of Learning To Be Great. We can become very good at what we choose to do, using present-day methods, but to become truly Great we have to transcend outdated concepts and use our inherent connection to our basic spiritual nature – then we really can do Great things. We are all Destined to become Great both at what we do and who we are as persons.

Hopefully reading this book will trigger your choosing to go beyond very good and starting the process to become Great. This series of books will expand as those with specialty skills work with me to co-author new books. Contact me if you think that you should be doing that as a way of growing.

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My eighth book looks at our brains, minds and egos, Four Brains, Four Egos And Many Minds and presents a very different perspective on why we have such acrimonious discussions about Our Ego – when we might have at least four. It is only when we understand our complexity that we quit trying to oversimplify our supposed understanding of ourselves. This book helps provide a better understanding of both how we think and how we ‘see’ the universe. Remember that Einstein said something like “Things should be kept as simple as possible; but not simpler!”

You can start to better understand your complexity, and therefore why some of your attempts at growing into a more Love-based human go awry, by reading and even studying this book. It could be a stepping stone that gets you on your way towards you Destiny of becoming Love Incarnate.

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The next book published (ninth), entitled Living In Fear: An Ongoing Choice starts in a somber mood and addresses the problem that we have been taught to just survive in the Set of many thoughts and feelings called Fear. The good news is that we can change to fully living in the Set of thoughts and feelings that I call Love and Above, at any time or place in our lives. This book should be required reading for all of us – so many humans have implicitly agreed to just barely survive in the many states of the Set called Fear. Understand both yourself and others who are still surviving in Fear much better by reading this book.

You do not have to just survive in Fear! You were created to live fully in Love instead. That change is only a choice away – so make that choice by reading this book!

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My tenth book discusses the problems that most of us have in dealing with change. Successful Change In A Universe That IS Change was written to show how our genetic makeup and societies instruct us to see all change as Bad! The universe is nothing but change, however, and success in anything and everything comes from changing to suit a changing universe.

For more understanding of this vital concept, you can choose to absorb the messages in this book and then act upon the recommended steps that are provided. That action will have you becoming much more comfortable with a universe that always changing – with change now looking like a great thing indeed!

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My 11th book is all about the importance of stories in our lives, The Species Who Tells Stories and was written for all of us who should be at least journaling to better understand our lives. In some way the book is focused on writers, but most of us should be writing something, possibly daily. This book also intentionally brings up the fact, not opinion, that Science is also just ‘stories, not Truth. Here’s hoping that you enjoy this book and the effect that following its recommendation changes in your behavior have upon you.

You can continue to just barely survive in Fear, but could better choose to become a regular writer – writing can help you better understand yourself and your roles in this universe that supports you if you let it do so.

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My 12th book is the first of three mini-books that I wrote for those just starting out with me, Science And Spirituality was written to explain why Science and the spirituality component of Philosophy are best seen as two ways of looking at reality; or two different sides of the one coin of all knowledge. To just use one approach gives you only one of the two important parts of the overall picture. You can use both of them to help you better understand both the universe and your important place in it, from two supportive viewpoints.

You can choose to start your journey here at very little cost in either time or money spent!

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My 13th book is another mini-book, Who You Really Are and it is intended to show you a more-modern overview of: you; this universe; and your purpose for being here. This wonderful universe is set up to help you on your travel to your Destined connection to your Divine Creator. Once you choose to see all that comes your way in the correct light, your life can become truly amazing – in a hurry.

You can continue to perceive yourself as you are told that you are, or decide to ‘see’ yourself as you really are. Choose – but only after reading this book!

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My 14th book is the last of this first set of mini-books, You Were Destined To Be Great and adds a special viewpoint to our just being one of the crowd – when we were all Destined to be much more than that. As my brother-in-law’s T shirt says, “God don’t make Junk!” and we were always Destined to become very special indeed – the only ‘us’ that will ever be in this universe that needs us to become Great.

You can move on out by starting with this minibook and become a leader because you would not settle for being ‘just good.’

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My 15th book addresses our present, largely-unnoticed transition from Fear and war towards Love and peace. How Love Can Vanquish War was primarily written for our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, but bureaucracy has never let him see it. To ‘Vanquish War’ is to completely eliminate or remove war (admittedly in the long run). That will not happen to war anytime soon, but we can all move towards helping Love take control of humanity, rather than the present Fear that leads to wars. Love will find the way and is making great headway, unheralded by Our Evil Press.

Canadians are uniquely positioned to becoming spiritual soldiers who can survive and thrive under trying circumstances. You, I and all can help make this come about – bureaucrats be damned!

You can go directly to Amazon to buy, by clicking on one of these icons:






My 16th book is a whole new genre Bureaucrats Who Block Progress and is written to help enlightened senior management get way more done for less time and money, or get way more done, more quickly, using the same resources. It was written to help existing management structures help move humanity into the new era of living in Love, rather than just barely surviving in the many states of Fear.

You can see what is wrong and what needs to be done in this short introduction to necessary changes in larger organizations such as governments and major industrial organizations. There is so much waste due to inefficiencies caused by blocking bureaucrats!

You can go directly to Amazon to buy, by clicking on one of these icons:







My 17th book is a part of a set about Unconditional Love with this one Loving Yourself First: Is This The Way To Go? addressing the serious error taught to us that it is wrong for us to Love ourselves. In reality, we should not Love our egos of course, because they are unreal, but if the Divinity that is creating all that is Loves us, who are we to disagree. It is only through developing a Love for our true selves that we will ever be able to fully and Unconditionally Love others. To grow in Love is our Destiny and loving ourselves is the first step.

You were Destined to become Love incarnate – start the journey by learning how to Love yourself; finally with an Unconditional Love that will spill over to all around you!

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My 18th book, Unconditional Love: A Primer looks at why so much of society steers us away from loving ourselves. It then presents a pathway to our Destiny as ever-more-loving spiritual beings who must finally become fully loving before we end our human experiences. The blocks to that Unconditional Love are significant, but we are here to grow in our ability to first Love ourselves, then others and finally all of creation. In the Abrahamic tradition, God is quoted as saying that His creation was Good, as are we – the spiritual beings made in His / Her image.

You are Great and you were always Destined to become living Love.

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My 19th book, Changing The Universe: By Changing Yourself presents an introduction to just how powerful we can be in changing both the local Energy and matter components of this local universe, but also the Pure Information (Akashic) field that contains a working memory of all that has ever been thought with emotion, or done, by we humans. The primary aspect of this universe is now being seen as Information before the secondary component that we call Energy and finally the special form of Energy that we call matter. This revolution in understanding is crucial to our Destiny of become very-powerful, love-focused spiritual beings.

You can change yourself and therefore change the universe in a way that preserves the complex interactions that exist in this complex reality!

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My 20th book, You Are A Powerful, Eternal Spiritual Being: You Are One With The One is a companion to Changing The Universe: By Changing Yourself and presents a more-personal, you-focused perspective to that overview document. You are actually a spiritual being as your primary essence and have an Energy/matter body that can help you find and learn the lessons that you need to know to become Love Incarnate (a living example of Love). To do that you are going to have to choose to step out of ‘seeing’ life as fearful and removing layer upon layer of erroneous teachings.

Your changes will almost entirely involve eliminating incorrect teaching so as to reveal the brilliant diamond that is your real self. The Truth is already within you!

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