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Telling Stories

It is my intent that I use many different ways to present the Good News that I have discovered to as many people as possible, using Talks, Training Days / Weekends and Online Presentations. The following are in the works:


I am preparing a set of talks / speeches of various durations, with the proposed Titles, Lengths and Short Descriptions as follows (times include a 15% Q&A). Please contact me if you are interested in having such talks presented to any group who are interested in Truth as the universe sees it, not Lies that some in society tell:

What If You Are An Eternal Spiritual Being?  15, 30 & 45 min – We are usually taught differently, so that others can control us, but we are really spiritual beings having a human experience and we both live forever and are very powerful in what we can do – and should be doing.

What If The Universe Is Mostly Fields? 15, 30 & 45 min –Because our brains evolved in this universe, they process the actual inputs of information and energy from the universe and present us with a predeveloped mini-story as to what the universe is like. We think it is solid, but is not! Does that really matter? If so, why? LoL

What If You Can Change The Universe?  15, 30 & 45 min –By what we think about, feel and do we actually change the energy world near us, but the information fields of the entire universe. What should knowing this do to your wanting to change your personal goals for this life?

What If Your Destiny Is To Live In Love?  15, 30 & 45 min –Our Destiny is to grow in Love to the point where we are so spiritually powerful that we can no longer be contained by a human body. We become uncontrollable when we understand this reality, but is this not truly amazing?

What If Humans Are Evolving Into Homo spiritus?  15, 30 & 45 min –Starting in the early 21st century, the growth of humans into Love-based humans took off to critical levels. We could be described as a new species, the Love-based Homo spiritus. The combined spiritual power of that group overwhelms all of the negativity of all other humans – and it is building rapidly!

Feeling Lonely Makes No Sense  15, 30 & 60 min – We are taught to believe that we are alone and that feeling lonely is a normal part of being a human. That is patently untrue as we are both within the universe (and therefore within God) and we are infused with God down below the smallest particle or waveform. To grow we must reject this purposeful error in teaching and embrace who we really are! 

Training Sessions:

To help those who have decided that they are Spiritual, but not Religious, the following Day- or Weekend-long sessions will soon be available:

>The New Spirituality: One Day Course –  We have been told so many untruths, lies and Lies that we need to hear the Truth of ourselves and this universe. We can then choose to move on to becoming truly Love-based humans, as opposed to surviving as human animals trapped in the many states of Fear.

A Spiritual Life: Two Day Courses – We were always Destined to live in Love as opposed to just surviving in the many states of Fear. We will have to shed the falsehoods that we have been taught before we can leave Fear behind and start to live in the powerful states of Love instead.

Living A Spiritual Life: Three Day Course – It takes time to start to live according to Love-based ways, as opposed to Fear-controlled ones. A long weekend can allow us to learn more of the changes that we must make in our lives – so that we start to live our Destiny, not as slaves to some of the Fear-driven rich and powerful.


Some of my ideas would be best presented as videos and even webinars, so I am working on a few that might be of interest to those who think of themselves as ‘Spiritual but not Religious.’ Some of the proposed titles are similar to the previously-described talk subjects and a few of these presentations follow:

This Universe Is Fields of Information and Energy – With Almost No Mass

The Power Of Intention And Intuition – What The Akasha Is And Does

Why The Law Of Attraction Can Work So Well – When You Do It Right

Choosing Your Attitude Independent Of The Circumstances – No Limits Attitudes

Feeling Lonely Makes No Sense – You Can Never Be Alone

Please feel free to describe what you think that I might specifically develop and then present to people like you! Send those suggestions to me by email at info@jesuislaplume.com 


Although I am not a trained coach, I can lead you through the process that I used to grow through the steps that I needed to leave the many weak states of Fear behind. I can help you start to more-fully live in the much more powerful states of Love and Above (which I often just call Love). It is your Destiny to live in Love; not just barely survive in Fear!

If you are interested, please send me a message at info@jesuislaplume.com or phone me on my Cell at +1 613-986-0323 so that we can start a conversation about working together.

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This universe is actually spiritual (almost mind like) in essence. However, most of us believe the purposefully bad teaching that everything is just energy and matter. To become all that you were Destined to become, you will have to let go of that nonsense and embrace the reality of who you really are – A Spiritual Being having human experiences so that you can learn to become Love Incarnate.

Choose to become all that you can be!




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